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One Direction are saying bye bye to long lazy days in LA and quality time with their friends and family as they officially head back to work.

The band have been enjoying an extended break since the end of December following a crazy busy 2013, but today it’s back to business for the worldwide chart-toppers. Liam Payne announced the big news on Twitter today, telling his followers:

“Back to worrrrkkkkkkk!!! Feels like 1st day of school… Ready for the social not for the work aha”.

Liam’s bandmate Harry Styles was spotted jetting home to Blighty this week in time for a reunion with the boys, after spending much of his time off his LA. Journalist Piers Morgan revealed her was on the same flight as Hazza from LAX on Saturday.

The former Britain’s Got Talent judge tweeted: “I’m on the same flight as @Harry_Styles – bet he can’t believe his luck. #SameDirection”.

After enjoying their two and a half moth break, Harry also took to Twitter this week to announce the boys are back, tweeting: “Alrighty then… Back to work. Can’t wait to get into rehearsals back on the road.”

The band’s gigantic Where We Are stadium tour will kick off on April 25 in Bogota, Colombia, before heading around South America until mid-May.

From there, they’ll skip over to Europe for shows in Dublin, Sunderland, Manchester and at London’s Wembley Stadium.


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When One Direction won one of their two BRIT awards last month, we were naturally very excited for them. But when Harry Styles didn’t turn up until halfway through their acceptance speech, we just assumed he was so excited to see Kylie Minogue and Beyonce that his little bladder couldn’t take it.

So now that the ‘real’ reason Harry was late to meet his 1D bandmates on stage has been revealed, we actually think it makes a lot more sense – mainly because it involves the important art of styling a good quiff.

Yep, even though Hazlan said he was having a wee when One Direction were busy winning awards, it’s now been shocking revealed that he was really helping Nick Grimshaw do his hair. Sounds about right, to be honest.

A source has told The Sun: “Everyone in the industry has been wondering how Harry could have missed that moment when the band were called.

“The truth is, he went off to the toilet, ended up meeting Nick and they were chatting. People were going mad looking for Harry and he didn’t even realise the band had been called up, as Nick asked him to check his hair.” Well, it’s got to look for the telly, eh?

We can’t imagine Louis is too pleased with this new turn of events, considering him and Grimmy are hardly BFFs, so maybe Harry just said he was in the loo to avoid getting majorly sassed on live TV. We would have cut off our right arm to see that.


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The One Direction star is apparently planning to spend more time in the U.S., and wanted somewhere permanent to stay.

This makes him the second band member to buy property in America, after Niall Horan bought a home in LA last year.

“Harry spent a couple of weeks last year looking at properties, before finally finding one he loved, and putting in an offer,” a source told UK newspaper The Mirror.

“Contracts have been exchanged and he is now a proud US home-owner. Harry’s only told a few people and not many people know the exact location of the pad, but it is fairly spectacular, with an outdoor pool, home entertainment room and gym.”

The 20-year-old is said to love LA because he gets more privacy there. While England will apparently always be his main home, the star is looking forward to spending more time in California.

“Harry loves LA and feels really at home there. He also gets less hassled there because people are used to seeing A-listers all over the place,” the source added. “He was actually due to return to London last week but is loving it so much he extended his trip. England will always be home, but he will be spending a lot more time in Los Angeles and Hollywood now.”

Harry is currently having a holiday in Los Angeles without the rest of his One Direction group. He has reportedly met with movie mogul Harvey Weinstein as well as other music industry heads.


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One Direction star Harry Styles and John Legend have teamed up to write a new song.

While the 20-year-old singer has repeatedly denied that he is breaking away from his band mates, he has demonstrated the inclination to go it alone and is the first member of the group to embark on a solo project.

He and the RnB singer have reportedly written the track for US X Factor duo Alex and Sierra and it may be the first of many.

The collaboration came about after Legend’s manager got the two together to see what would materialise on a musical front.

Harry Styles / Twitter
Legend who was apparently impressed with Styles’ song writing skills said: “We got together for a few hours and wrote what I think is a really lovely song.

“I’d love to write with him again as he is a very great guy and very talented. He has some really great lyrical ideas and is a very good songwriter,” he added.

Fans of the British pop super group needn’t worry however as One Direction are in the throes of rehearsals for their global stadium tour.

Writing on Twitter Styles said: “Back to work. Can’t wait to get into rehearsals back on the road.”

One Direction are set to becoming the most successful band in the world earning an estimated £161 million during their forthcoming Where We Are tour.

The 88 date tour will see Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Niall Horan become the first act to perform three consecutive nights at the 95,000 seat Rose Bowl stadium in California.

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The Wolf of Wall Street star wants to spend some time getting to know the One Direction hitmaker, and it is said his production company is willing to offer the singer a number of movie parts Hot manship alert.

Hollywood hottie Leonardo DiCaprio and One Direction frontman Harry Styles are going to hang out.

The Titanic actor has invited old Hazza to hang out at his swanky pad and talk acting roles.

And oh how’d we’d LOVE to be there.

The Wolf of Wall Street star wants to spend some time getting to know the One Direction hitmaker, and it is said his production company is willing to offer the singer a number of movie parts.

A source told The Sun: “Leo’s production company Appian Way has at least ten movie projects in the works with roles that could interest Harry.

“Leo’s invited Harry over to his house for a long weekend when their schedules allow to talk work and women. Bradley Cooper will probably be around too.”

Fans concerned about the future of the Story of My Life boyband shouldn’t be too worried though – the group went on record to dismiss rumours they could split up to pursue solo careers.

Harry said: “We’re not breaking up. We’ve spent every day together for months and forgot what my mum looked like. It’s just holidays.”

His band mate Liam Payne has also rubbished claims of an imminent break-up, pointing out they have already started work on their fourth album.

“We have been writing away for the next album and rehearsals are just about to start soon for the tour. We’re not splitting up.

“We’re on WhatsApp messaging each other all the time, talking about song ideas and just funny stuff from our day.

“It’s been a while since we have all been together so we are enjoying being back in each other’s company.”

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One Direction star Harry Styles is reportedly having a secret romance with The Kills actress Alison Mosshart.

The 20-year-old singer, who had recently split from American model Kendall Jenner, was seen getting cosy with 35-year-old Mosshart at a nightclub during London Fashion Week, reported Contactmusic.

A source who spotted the duo said, “They were very touchy-feely in a booth and both pretty drunk. But they were having a great time together, laughing and joking with a lot of PDA. It was Harry who made the move as he was looking after her. At one point he was stroking her hair as she lay her head on the table. Harry’s knack with women of any age is pretty amazing.”

It’s not the first time the singer has dated an older woman after he was previously linked with TV presenter Caroline Flack when he was just 18 and she was 32.

Styles was also linked to 32-years-old radio presenter Lucy Horobin, when he was 17 years, and more recently he apparently dated reality star Kendall, 18, for three months before they broke up in February due to work commitments.

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We’re used to Hazza being titled “Hottest Male”, “Best Hair”, “Best Style” or whatever, but when it comes to being named “Villain Of The Year”, it takes things to a whole new level.
Harry Styles was up against the likes of Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber in the category, but NME readers thought Hazza was the most deserving of the award for the second year running.
We have absolutely no idea as to why this happens, but we’re just putting it down to jealousy. Yep, definitely jealous.
Fans aren’t willing to let this go quietly, taking to Twitter to express their discuss about the situation.
One fan posted: “Hope villain of the year Harry Styles stops giving his food to the paparazzi when they’re hungry, skyping with sick fans.” Oh yeah, can we thank this fan for pointing these things out?
What kind of “villain” gives away a perfectly good burger to a member of the paparazzi who was seemingly getting up in his personal space? Why didn’t Harry just slam the door in his face and tell him to move? Oh yeah, BECAUSE HE’S NOT A VILLAIN. Jheez.
Are you as appalled at this as we are?!
How can the lovely Harry Styles be called a villain? This. Is. An. Outrage.


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