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Harry gets new tattoos and recent candids!

As you can see, we have a new layout! I really love it, what do you think? :)

Harry got two new tattoo’s whilst he was in Dublin yesterday!

Asked by host Ryan Tubridy about his most recent tattoo, Styles replied: “I’ve got one on my arms here [pointing to inside of arms]; I got it today.”

Tubridy then asked to see the tattoo, but Styles explained that his arms were still covered following the tattooing and that he could not roll his jacket sleeves up.

He told Tubridy that the tattoo reads, ‘Things I can’ on the inside of one of his arms and ‘Things I can’t’ on the other.

When asked by Tubridy what the tattoo meant, the group’s Niall Horan added dryly: “It’s a London thing.”

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