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The fans of Harry Styles would like to wish Harry a happy belated birthday,hope he enjoys his life with success and happiness.

Sorry for the delay of the wish, as well as not posting for a long while, but we were so busy, until the HES community got a new owner ,Adam.

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Yesterday, Harry was spotted while he was arriving at LAX Airport . The boys finished their tour in America and now they are returning home for one month, because in september they will continue their tour in Australia.

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Harry supported Louis at his charity football game on Monday and I’ve added some photo’s of him there in the gallery for you!

I would also like to apologise for lack of updates, I’ve been ill :(

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Harry was spotted leaving a North London Studio with the other boys today! I’ve uploaded some photo’s to the gallery!

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About an hour ago, Harry and the boys were spotted arriving at a Radio station in Manchester, I have uploaded some pictures in the gallery! :)

Home > Candids > [16th October, 12] Arriving at a radio station in Manchester

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Harry has apprentley taken George Shelley under his wing! The article from says this:

X Factor boyband Union J have been compared to One Direction and now Harry Styles has decided to take look-alike George Shelley under his wing and pass on some wise words of wisdom to the rising star.

With his floppy hair and cheeky charm, George is just like Harry, and it seems the two lads have been bonding over, well, erm, hair tips!

A source told The Mirror that the handsome singers swapped numbers after the first 2012 Live Show and Harry has since texted George with some words of advice.

The insider said: “Harry and George swapped numbers as the two groups are bound to start bumping into each other around the scene.

“Harry sees a lot of himself in George, so wanted to pass on a jokey text revealing his own secret, which is why he told him to never cut his curls as he reckons his hair makes him such a hit with the ladies.

“George was laughing and showed the text to a couple of people, but I’d say there’s no way he’ll be going for any drastic haircuts from now on.”

Not that George needs to woo the ladies… he already appears to have won the heart of a gorgeous, talented young woman.

George has become BFFs with fellow X Factor star Ella Henderson, and the pair are said to be inseparable backstage.

Despite 16-year-old Ella’s insistence that they are ‘just good friends’, we can’t help but notice how she goes into fits of giggles whenever someone mentions George’s name.

Melanie Masson, who was voted off The X Factor on Sunday night, told that the young couple are extremely cute.

She said: “They’re getting close, they’re really cute and they’re really really sweet.” In a protective manner, she added: “I’m making sure he takes care of Ella though. Making sure he treats her right.”

With Melanie gone, who will look out for Ella now? With Harry Styles giving George advice in the romance department, things could get interesting…

Also, Harry and Niall were both at an Ed Sheeran concert the other day and I’ve uploaded some photo’s to the gallery of that!

Finally, Little Things is the confirmed second single from Take Me Home!

Home > Candids > [14th October,12] With Niall at an Ed Sheeran gig in London

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